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Ice Machines

At Certified Mechanical, we are repair experts for all types of ice machines in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer reliable ice machine repair services for both residential and commercial customers in the GTA.

An ice machine, often known as an icemaker, is an important piece of equipment for many businesses and homeowners. This machine turns water into ice, often in large quantities, for use in drinks and for other applications.

Many restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee shops and fast food outlets depend on a working ice machine. And, at home, many families use theirs daily. If your ice machine breaks down or stops working, this can be a huge hassle.

It is important to have a reliable and dependable technician to call for ice machine repair. At Certified Mechanical, our experts have your ice machine covered. Our technicians can visit your home or commercial property for ice machine repair or pre-booked maintenance checks.

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Commercial Ice Machine Repair

The majority of restaurants, bars, fast food outlets and coffee shops serve drinks with ice. This means that they rely heavily on their ice machine for high quantities of ice, produced throughout the day, to meet their customer demands. Many shops also use ice machines in their day-to-day running.

Toronto is a big city. That means that there are countless ice makers and ice machines across the city, hard at work to provide ice for thousands of drinks each day. A broken ice machine can lead to customer complaints and in some industries (such as fish sales, where products are stored and displayed on ice), this could even lead to business downtime and loss of stock and money.

Providing commercial ice machine repair, even at short notice, our experts at Certified Mechanical are ready and waiting to help.

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Residential Ice Machine Repair

Many fridges have built-in ice machines. When these stop working, it means there is a loss for the whole household. Luckily, you can keep your residential ice machine in working condition with our professional ice machine repair.

If your ice machine at home has stopped operating or has started making ice of a lower quality than when you first brought it home, our Certified Mechanical technicians can take a look and pinpoint the issue at hand. Oftentimes, ice maker repairs are easy fixes that won't take long. We can have your home ice machine working at peak performance in no time.

Ice Machine Repair You Can Trust

Throughout the GTA, we have an excellent reputation as dependable ice machine repair technicians. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the reviews speak on our behalf.

GTA residents and business owners know that they can trust our technicians. For emergency repairs or a pre-booked visit, you can depend on Certified Mechanical to get the job done.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Ideally, ice machines are properly maintained and won't reach the point where they break. Our maintenance checks for ice machines are particularly important for businesses, as this helps them eliminate problems before they lead to any potential downtime.

We can visit at pre-arranged times to carry out regular maintenance checks. We'll make sure that your ice machine is working properly, with no signs of wear and tear. If we discover a problem, we'll recommend fixing it before a full breakdown occurs.

An ice machine that is out of order can have a big impact on your business. Avoid getting to that point by scheduling regular maintenance visits from Certified Mechanical’s top-notch team.

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Do you need ice machine repair or maintenance and live in the Greater Toronto Area? To get a quote, schedule a visit or arrange an ice maker repair, call Certified Mechanical or fill out our online form today!