At Certified Mechanical, our experienced appliance repair technicians are proud to work with a wide range of brands and products. We have setup this resources page to answer most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Why is my drying not turning/spinning?

Commonly a Dryer will stop turning because the dryer belt or belt assembly has torn or seized. The problem accrues because of heavy loads or an imbalance of weight inside the drum. It's a good idea to make sure the clothes are evenly spread out in the drum. Doing so would decrease the likely hood of the belt ripping or damaging the belt assembly.


My dryer is spinning, but there's no heat? Won't my dryer heat up at all?

Certified Mechanical has dealt with this issue for dryers the most over the years. The underlying problem is this will continue to happen due to our dryers not getting maintained or not even getting a simple vent cleaning. As a result, no airflow in the system can cause the Hi Temperature Limit switches to blow! Or worse, the heater element itself has broken due to all the dust and debris clogging up the system. The worst thing about this situation is if you let this happen, it can be a hazardous fire hazard!


Why won't my washer/washing machine door open?

When a washing machine door is locked after a load, it is either a problem with the computer board not recognizing the cycle has finished. Or, more commonly, the door lock motor or mechanism has a lockout or another issue that needs to be looked at by an appliance technician.

Residential oven go past 100 degrees or heat up at all?

There are two kinds of Stoves/Ovens: electric stoves and gas stoves.

1 Electric stoves have ceramic heater electric elements. The issues could be either a portion of the component can not be heated up, or the whole part needs to be replaced.
2 Gas stoves have a flame igniter which gives power to the gas valves, providing a flame through the gas burners. If your gas oven is not heating up, it could be either your gas valve is not shooting gas or your flame igniters are not strong enough to light the gas to create the flame throughout the burners.



The fridge is not cold/cooling, but the freezer is?

With residential fridges, we tend to stuff them to the top without giving the fridge enough room inside to let the air circulate properly. Doing that would cause the freezer to ice up and ice the airflow into the refrigerator. If that is the case, you will need to call in an expert right away before it puts too much of a load on your compressor! In emergency cases, unplug your fridge or take a hairdryer and try to defrost the ice inside the freezer.


Furnace blowing air, but it is not hot?

With a Furnace, it could be many problems, but what Certified Mechanical has seen over the years, we all tend to neglect to replace our air filters. Not changing them would cause air restriction, overheating the system, and tripping the Hi-Limit switches. Or Commonly, not getting our furnace maintained at least once a year would cause the flame igniter to get burnt out due to the dirt and debris. Along with the igniter, the flame sensor would go too. Prevention is the best solution to Furnace problems. A Furnace has my components which means many possibilities for error. It's best to have a licensed Gas technician have a look.

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