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Fireplace Repair

  • Do you need to Fix A Fireplace?

  • Your family deserves a safe home. Our Fireplace Experts ensure the safety of your home, the longevity of your fireplace and the integrity of your fireplace warranty. Our gas licensed technicians will be able to diagnose any problems your fireplace may be having and repair them with long-term successful solutions that work with your budget.

  • You wouldn’t go to the car mechanic to repair your sore throat. Why choose anyone but an expert to repair your fireplace? Fireplace Experts will properly diagnos your fireplace right – the first time! Join our hundreds of satisfied customers who have trusted us to save them money.

  • Gas fireplaces are low maintenance which makes them a wonderful asset and focal point to any room. However, just like any household appliance they are not maintenance free. . They need to be serviced on a regular basis for everything to be working properly. Often when not properly maintained fireplaces just like any appliance breaks down.


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Reliable Service

No one likes surprises. Stepping into a cold shower is no exception. When your hot water heater is on the fritz and you need a repair fast, we're here for you.

At Certified Mechanical we have highly skilled technicians that are familiar with all water heater problems. So if the hot water suddenly turns cold or a persistent leak suddenly sprouts, or if any other problem with your water heater rears its ugly head and ruins your day; Certified Mechanical can help. Call Now!

  • We Understand

  • Toronto 5 Star Plumbing services Water Heaters, Hot Water Tank repair, installation & replacement to clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Scarborough.

  • Hot water tanks and water heaters can cause many different problems for a home if they are non-functioning or even not functioning at their full capacity. The least of which not necessarily being cold showers in the dead of winter.

  • Our plumbing technicians can provide you with expert advice about all types of hot water tank standards and high efficiency gas and electric hot water heaters.


"I'm a property manager and I have been using their services for years. They've repaired many of our appliances on our different locations.They go the extra mile to get the job done." - Chan

"Anthony, I appreciate your professional attitude. You treated my home as if it was the most important assignment of your life!! Not only did you revitalize my bath tub, you went the extra mile and did some much needed re-caulking around toilet and sink. Great Workmanship!!" - Adrianna